Unitarian Universalism

This program asks us to consider what Unitarian Universalism means to us and whether or not it has played a significant role in our lives. This a good session to use soon after the group forms, as it encourages members to share their spiritual beliefs and histories.

For an alternate version of this topic, see the session “Becoming Unitarian Universalists.” For a more in-depth exploration of our seven principles, see the session “Our Unitarian Universalist Principles.”

Member Preparation

In preparation for this session, take some time to think about what Unitarian Universalism means to you, and the role it has (or has not) played in your life. These questions provide ways you may want to approach this topic. Remember to focus on just one or two of the questions, if you choose to use them, as this will allow you to explore the topic in more depth.

  • How did you first contact Unitarian Universalism?
  • Has a Unitarian Universalist church made a difference in your life? If so, how?
  • How do you act on Unitarian Universalist values?
  • Have you had disagreement or disappointment with Unitarian Universalism?
  • How has Unitarian Universalism helped you face or transcend the Big Questions or life crises?

Further Exploration